Important meeting needs what confidential work

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Have the conference that belongs to national secret content and other activity, sponsor an unit to ought to take confidential step, undertake keeping secret educational to joining staff, set specific requirement. What to hold important meeting to should notice? 1, hold the meeting with private higher rate, answer before the meeting with guard, confidential branch gets in touch, the safe and confidential step that takes facility of communication of assembly room, conference jointly. 2, equipment of the enlarge sound that the assembly room answers before the meeting, recording undertakes keeping secret checking, prevent equipment of wired enlarge sound to produce parasitism oscillation divulge a secret. Forbidden use radio microphone or replace facility of wired enlarge sound with radio microphone. 4, forbidden have nothing to do with the conference personnel enters an assembly room. 5, forbidden chaos imprints file of tousle conference secret. 6, the confidential document of session print and distribute, uniform indicate close class, unite number, ascend billiard-marker to send. 7, session should deploy bag of confidential ark, box, file, appoint document of government of person specially assigned for a task, data, jotter to wait. 8, personnel attending the meeting must not divulge conference secret content external with any forms. 9, after the conference ends, want to undertake keeping secret checking to conference address. 10, discover the file is missing by pilfer, must report instantly, find out in time, redeem a loss as far as possible. 11, personnel attending the meeting must not keep confidential document, data and other goods with any reason illicit, to be being tasted the confidential letter that bring back, closely, should hand in confidential branch in time to register, custodial.

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