How to prevent divulge a secret of computer electromagnetism radiate

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When use computer handles experience secret information, ought to use equipment of low radiation computer to perhaps take the radiation-proof confidential technology step such as screen or interference.
One, use low radiation computer
Using device of low radiation computer is the basic measure that avoids computer radiate divulge a secret. Because these equipment are when design and production, had produced electromagnetism radiant to the likelihood yuan parts of an apparatus, integrated circuit, jumper took radiation-proof step, make the electromagnetism radiate of computer equipment falls lowermost limit. Abroad is earlier to understanding of computer radiate problem, established a series of safe standards, manufacturer home produces the equipment that accords with a standard strictly also by the regulation, but these low radiation computers are to prohibit selling our country. At present our country already can produce those who have opposite screen measure to show screen and liner of lead plane box have the facility of metallic screen ark, electromagnetism radiate is lesser.
2, adopt technique of computer electromagnetism screen
According to the need of the volume that computer radiate measures and external environment, try to computer computer room or lead plane component screen, it is the significant step that avoids divulge a secret of radiate of electromagnetism of group of experience close computer. Use computer room metallic screen basket (weigh Faraday again basket) close rise, and the metal screen basket ground connection, prevent the computer and the electromagnetic wave radiate that assist device effectively. Do not have the computer computer room of screen condition, also can rise the area control of computer radiate signal, avoid radiation signal to be received by cut.
3, adopt computer electromagnetism radiate to disturb a technology
Manage to antigen according to the electron, adopt certain technical measure, undertake disturbing to the radiation information of the computer, increase receive reductive unscrambled difficulty, it is the significant step that avoids divulge a secret of computer electromagnetism radiate. Implement the method of interference to electromagnetism radiate at present, basically have white noise interference and interrelated disturbance two kinds.

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