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Contemporary steal close with steal secret accuse and denounce at a meeting to already developed the intense antagonism that becomes hi-tech condition to fall instead, arise for electronic IT equipment of the representing with the computer especially (electromagnetism) information leak and the harm that hidden trouble of brought divulge a secret gives national information safety belt to come and menace are more and more serious also, because this equipment gets the attention of world each country. Is the secret in the computer how stealthily " fly " go? The metropolis when any an electron equipment work produces electromagnetism radiation, the computer is not exceptional also. The computer relies on job of circuit of high frequency pulse, as a result of the change of electromagnetism field, want outward radiate electromagnetic wave necessarily, as small as broadcasting station is about the same. Computer radiate basically has 4 shares -- , circuitry of the radiate of monitor, communication (link line) equipment of the radiation, radiate of lead plane, output (printer) radiation. These electromagnetic wave can carry the message in the computer. Although the manufacturer home of the computer is the electromagnetic wave of the discharge outside preventing to violate other electron facility, for computation the mechanism ordered electromagnetism radiant to limit a criterion, but outside the electromagnetic wave of discharge still has the radiation strength that nots allow to ignore -- , the electromagnetic wave that is this discharge outside the dot as giving the computer medium information mount " fly " the wing that take. Be like the video electromagnetic wave that the CRT radiate of computer monitor gives, its frequency is commonly under 6.5 megahertz. To this kind of electromagnetic wave, inside effective distance, the computer of usable and common television or same type is received directly. Receive or unscramble computer radiant electromagnetic wave, a when already became foreign information branch now commonly used steal secret technology, already reached very high level. Experiment according to abroad, in 1000 meters beyond can receive the information that shows terminal with reductive computer, and look very clearly. And, the electromagnetism divulge a secret of the computer is returned not just confine is on this. The computer can undertake delivering to a large number of information, machine and put store. Substandard of the disk that we use daily, tape, CD puts store implement problem of divulge a secret of same existence electromagnetism. As a result of disk classics degauss more than 10 hind, still method restores the information that records so, put the disk that has confidential information by reuse when, be used likely disk remanence technology, the information that filch records formerly. Sometimes, when computer occurrence breakdown, put the hard disk that has confidential information to be not supervised via processing or nobody be taken repair. The old computer that some units wash out does not make special processing, flow into a society casually, cause electromagnetism divulge a secret easily also. The wide application of the computer drove social development and progress, but also brought a series of social problem. Now, the computer already was mixed in national defence, war industry, science and technology, politics the domain such as economy applies extensively, confidential information becomes a large number of whole states that consequently computer system processing and keep in storage wear steal close person the new field with main goal and emissary active member. Accordingly, western developed country calls the society that uses the computer extensively " flimsy society " . On December 1, total bureau of national qualitative check was announced first country of computer product quality is supervised selective examination result. The result makes clear, the quality problem that highlights most among them is electromagnetism radiate exceeds bid. "Rainstorm " is the plan covered for the computer on " protective cover " -- , how be on guard computer electromagnetism divulge a secret?
To avoid a war the secret is mixed of management secret outside discharge, from 20 centuries since 70 time, it is to stem from martial end at the outset, each country government threw the manpower that comparative, material resources, begin from operating system ground floor, began extensive, thorough research to the safe problem of all of computer science department. Euramerican country also is 20 years ago with respect to formulate alleged " rainstorm " plan. This measure from formulate standard of more rigid electromagnetism radiate technology begins, in electromagnetism radiant step is taken on each link, make radiation intensity is reduced greatly, achieve the requirement of on the safe side thereby. Current, be on guard to the leak of the computer measure is main from technology, administration and law 3 respects begin. From technical measure, it is to use device of low radiation computer, in order to ensure the safety of confidential information, this is the basic measure that avoids computer radiate divulge a secret. When these equipment are being designed and be being produced, already produced information radiant to the likelihood yuan parts of an apparatus, integrated circuit, jumper and C R T took radiation-proof step, restrain the information radiate of equipment to lowermost limit. 2 it is pair of computer screen. According to the volume that radiation measures and external environment, try to the component inside computer computer room or lead plane screen, detect after qualification, reopen machine works. Use the computer and auxiliary device metallic screen basket (" Faraday basket " ) close rise, and overall situation screen basket ground connection, prevent the computer and the electromagnetic wave radiate that assist device effectively. Further, but computer room or whole office building Dou Bing is my rise, if do not have a condition to construct screen computer room, can use molestation implement, issue interference signal, make receiver cannot receive useful signal normally. 3 it is interference of pair of computer message radiate. Manage to antigen according to the electron, adopt certain technical measure, use molestation implement generation noise and the information radiation that computer equipment produces an outward radiate. Undertake disturbing to the radiation signal of the computer, increase receive reductive unscrambled difficulty, protect information of computer radiant secret. Do not have afore-mentioned requirements, also can put the computer that handles important information the inter, the computer that handles general information is placed all around. This kind of method can reduce radiation information to be received reductive possibility. The computer is confidential be on guard must be a basis with legal laws and regulations. At present our country already had " People's Republic of China is confidential law " , " safety of computer information system protects byelaw " and " net of couplet of international of computer information network administers provisional regulation " . Should mix according to the regulation requirement, those who make good computer is confidential be on guard the job, must not use the computer to be engaged in endangering the national security, illegal crime that reveals national secret activity.
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