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The number exchanges an a bit

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Time slot exchange

The number is joined to exchange a net in PCM transmission system, be equivalent to will time answer uses a line (PCM line) cent becomes input and output side, if plan institute is shown. Road is medium input answer is mixed with the line output answer has 32 time slot each with the line, if input answer uses the unoccupied place content when the either on the line to be able to be in,output answer uses time slot of the anyone on the line to output, this calls time slot trade. If the content A in TS5 is inputted to be in in the graph,output TS19 to appear; The content B in inputting TS10 appears in outputting TS0, the content in this time slot, it is telephone channel information, namely the digital information of 8 bit.

Input answer uses on-line 32 time slot are by one frame order of another frame ground appears, output answer uses on-line 32 time slot also are by one frame order of another frame ground appears, but the content inside each discrepancy time slot is OK not one to one correspondence. This is one of functions that have through place of digital exchange net- - time slot exchanges a function to come true.

Answer with exchange between the line (empty cent is exchanged)

The net is exchanged to go up in a number, to increase commutative size, input answer is mixed with the line output answer uses a line more than, if plan institute is shown. This inevitable occurrence either inputs the exchange between line and either output line, this is answer with the commutative idea between the line, and each answer be in the space is minute of rift with the line, often call empty cent trade consequently. If pursue medium, input side answer to use a line the information of the TS3 of 1 exchanges a net through the number in output side answer uses a line appear on the TS3 of 4. This is the function that exchanges through the number -- empty cent exchanges a function to come true.

Functions of afore-mentioned time slot exchange and function of empty cent exchange part by different wiring implement (time wiring implement T and empty cent wiring implement S) implementation, hold the function of spatio-temporal exchange concurrently to make the number exchanges a net, enlarge the capacity that chooses limits and switching equipment, the digital exchange net in switching equipment of programmed control number is by T wiring implement with S wiring implement differ to combine and be become. Be like TST (time - empty cent - time) , STS (empty cent - time - empty cent) , TSST, TSSST, SSTSS, TTT.


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