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What is meant by telephone communication network

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Telephone communication network is to undertake alternant model one's voice in speech corresponds, open the telegraphic network of telephone business, abbreviation telephone network. It is a kind of telegraphic portfolio the biggest, serve the professional network with the most extensive area, but compatible other makes nets of a variety of the business that be not a word, it is the basic form of telegraphic net and foundation, include toll telephone network and this locality telephone network, international telephone network.

Telephone network uses a phone to exchange means, basically divide composition by 4: The link between terminal of user of the user terminal unit that send and receives phone signal, swap facility that undertakes circuit is exchanged, join and the circuitry that exchange equipment and commutative equipment.

Basic configuration divides telephone network to be collected for multistage accept net and stepless web two kinds. Our country telephone network exchanges center and bureau of end of net of one class this locality to form 5 level structure by 4 monitor road. Among them one, 2, 3, the long-distance trade center of 4 class forms toll telephone network, by this locality net upright bureau is mixed collect by what need a setting receive telephone network of bureau composition this locality.

Besides the business net that gives priority to in order to pass phone information, a whole telephone communication web still needs to have a certain number of net of business of safeguard of in order to moves normally, strengthen the network function, network propping up that raises a network to serve quality. What deliver in the net that prop up is corresponding monitor and control signal. The net that prop up includes synchronous network, common signal channel to believe your net, letter to be defeated by monitoring net and network management net to wait.


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