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The individual character characteristic of ISDN, terminal unit and derive

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Net of integrated business figure is to be able to offer the client side to join to client side number, can assume phone and the telegraphic net of a variety of business that be not a word at the same time. Net of integrated business figure (ISDN) be in the phone integrated number net (IDN) the development on the foundation rises. The definition from ISDN can see, net of integrated business figure has 3 major attribute.

1. Carry the digital join of end

The interior of phone IDN has realized digitlization, but go up in the problem joining a network of the user, what convey on subscribers feeder namely still is signal of imitate one's voice in speech. The first problem that transfers to ISDN by phone IDN accordingly should realize the digitlization with deferent subscribers feeder namely, solved this problem, ability realizes the number that carries end to join, make IDN becomes ISDN.

2. Integrated business

Came true to carry the digital join of end, can open a variety of one's voice in speech, data, character, business such as image, those who realize business is integrated. Net of integrated business figure can convey not only have all sorts of communication business, still can develop an all sorts of new business.

3. Standard multipurpose net interface

Another character of net of integrated business figure is the user can pass the interface of multipurpose of a standard to receive this network. Alleged " multipurpose " , it is to show net interface is OK to various business general, the business that differs that is to say or different terminal can be passed same interface accepts web of integrated business figure. Resemble the power source electrical outlet on the wall in the home is same now, socket is a standard, all all sorts of electric equipment can be inserted on use.

All sorts of information that appear on the interface of net of integrated business figure (one's voice in speech, data, character, image) be digital form, and same interface can join a variety of terminal, because this has channel of many time intersected on same interface, every channel can convey independently information, provide professional work to the user. This is new communication way- - multimedia corresponds- - offerred a possibility. For example the user can convey at the same time when call picture data, wait into travel file exchange. From the point of the angle of the user, this kind of interface is just like is one leads to net of integrated business figure " digital conduit " , conduit has a few kinds of line of action (have different bit rate namely) , can choose according to the need of the user. The user with business much dosage can be chosen " thick canal " (namely the interface with bit high rate) , business can be chosen with hidebound user " fine " of a few. This kind of interface has have specific international level. As a result of the standardization of interface, also promoted the standardization of communication terminal unit and removability, move another room from a room for example, or remove second ground from armour ground, want to insert next batch of one outlet simply to be able to have communication only.

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