Current situation of our country satellite communications and future

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The satellite communications artery of our country basically is used at the center, the communication between each large area bureau, province bureau, open city and remote town. It is the important complement of net of national communication backbone and backup. When passing negative charge to assure area network and unusual times (when producing natural disaster like the ground) of national communication network expedite, having very main effect.

In our country remote province, municipality (be like Tibet, Xinjiang) a few areas, use hard expand with outspread country the method of communication network undertakes enclothing. The town of military importance of the inhabit a region of a few population to these areas or county (also can use at island) user, our country is to use the method of VSAT to receive its the area public network. This is enclothed to the whole nation of network of our country communication have important sense.  

Special net is in the satellite our country development is very rapid, at present bureau of carbon of bank, civil aviaton, petrifaction, water and electricity, coal, atmosphere, custom, railroad, traffic, spaceflight, Xinhua News Agency, committee of planning, earthquake, negotiable securities all build have net of special satellite communications, use VSAT system mostly, the whole nation already had station of thousands of earth.

Our country needs to build satellitic mobile system, be located in in order to support beyond division of service of ground mobile network the mobile business of the user, its terminal ought to be light with low cost.

The country that mobile system still uses the satellite to fail to enclothe for ground communication network and outlying area provide basic communication (one's voice in speech and low speed data, this has important sense more to the developing country) . Indicate here " country and outlying area " user, it is to point to very dispersive " natural village " , requirement of its terminal complex degree, bulk and cost should far be less than VSAT way station.     

The APMT of satellitic mobile system that gives priority to with our country (Asia-Pacific mobile system) preparing to construct, it is the regional system that supports with synchronous satellite. Systematic support holds machine user, carry aerial for this star very giant (aerial diameter makes an appointment with 1-3m) , in addition the basic communication that the system still uses at supporting outlying area.     

Be in before long in the future, the high rate user that the satellitic network of our country still will use at supporting area of small business density (group user) the communication demand of terminal, for instance, browse to the high speed of Internet, and of high rate receive public network. To this kind user, of its terminal unit simplify and low cost also is very important. Establish the tentative plan of the system of integrated satellite communications of our country. Current, our country already implemented scale in the development of respect of synchronous satellite communications, back up in what regard national artery as communication network and established special net respect to produce tremendous effect. But, face a few demand for service, of user of if mobile business, outlying area is main communication business, high rate receive browse with Internet and the demand of the respect such as business of seesaw pattern multimedia, is our country to use continue to develop and enlarge system of synchronous satellite communications to support these new business? Still build include synchronism satellite and asynchronous satellite inside system of integrated satellite communications? From the point of trend of development of foreign satellite communications, because orbit height is inferior asynchronous no matter the satellite is supporting mobile, outlying area corresponds basically to lead an user with high speed receive etc the respect is very advantageous, it reduces pair of terminal EIRP effectively (add up to Xiang Fu effectively to shoot power) be worth with G / T (receiver quality factor) requirement, make user terminal simplifies greatly and reduce cost. Accordingly, the system of integrated satellite communications that builds our country is reasonable on the technology.
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