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Interest of communication technology noun talks about Cable And Wireless (C & W)

Do not have interpret of Cable And Wireless correctly it seems that for " cable and radio " by accident, however actually this is however flower Shang Dadong telegraph office or big east the name of cable company. Inchoate cable is transmitted with dc at railroad of single track of built on stilts (land line, land Line, with the ground gas achieves return) , cannot span channel or travel across the high seas. Laid 1850 cross the first waterline (namely cable cable, cable) , make between England and European mainland be able to newspaper of each other electrify. The sea cable that finished Atlantic of the first over or across 1858 (because produce an accident for many times, actually till 1866 ability is expedite) , finished cable of sea of Pacific of the first over or across 1902, divide cable sea cable at that time (Ca - Ble) outside have not appear other cable (like phone cable, coaxial cable, cable, power cable) , because of this waterline (Cable) become telegraphic generation to say. Until at present, still see the term that is as follows to what concern with Cable in contemporary English dictionary: Cable submarine cable; Cable, cable address; Cable of Cablegram of   of to send a telegram, cable

Paper of format of cable of Cable Form of   of to send a telegram, cable (generate electricity with) paper (=telegraph Form)   because sea cable is the only way that corresponds remotely in those days, so a lot of industry developed countries lay eagerly cable of more foreign sea, have a hand in the telegraphic career at colony and semi-colony country. Company of big north cable laid 1871 Hong Kong - Xiamen - Ning Bo - the sea cable between Wu Song, of England big east cable company was finishing Europe - India - after cable of Hong Kong sea, laid 1883 again Hong Kong - Xiamen - Ning Bo - the sea cable between Wu Song. At this moment the line of Chun Yihu cable that our country runs oneself (land line) although already built a journal, but the waterline that the domestic cable of the contact between China north, Hua Dong and Hua Nazhi does not get akebi to pass foreign cable company however (Cable) change trains, it is waterline place forestall of the foreign trader more completely as to international cable. This shows, to corresponding at that time for the company, having "cable" is to deserve pretentious sth used to one's own advantage. Radio (English is Wirless, beautiful words is Radio) communication experiment succeeds at experimenting 1896, before long devoted business is used, make the newest communication technology at the beginning of 20 centuries. Some companies specialize in sea cable cable at that time (Cablegram) , another some of company is specialized in radiotelegraphic (Radiogram National People's Congress east telegraph office uses Cable & Wireless (C & W) the name developed the advanced communication method at that time and business to boast its are comprehensive just about.  
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