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Satellite communications is the same as commonly used now cable communication, microwave communication to wait for photograph comparing, have more advantage, can generalize basically for a few words;

Far: It is to show the distance of satellite communications is far. Common saying says, "Of the station tall, those who look is far " , synchronous telecommunication satellite is OK " see the world is the greatest " span amounts to more than 18000 kilometers. The random inside the area is enclothed to be able to have communication through the satellite at 2 o'clock in this, and microwave communication is 50 kilometers commonly the left and right sides sets a relay station, of a synchronous telecommunication satellite enclothe a distance to be equivalent to relay station of more than 300 microwave.

Much: Point to communication a movement in martial arts much, size is large. A contemporary telecommunication satellite, portable a few arrive a few transponder, can offer a few TV and by tens of thousands road phone.

Good: Point to communication quality good, reliability is high. The transmission link of satellite communications is little, do not suffer the effect of geographical condition and atmosphere, can obtain the communication signal of high quality.

Vivid: Point to apply agile, adaptability strong. It can realize the random on land not only the communication between 2 o'clock, and can realize boat and boat, on boat and bank, in sky with the communication between land, it can form a many direction, dotty stereo communication network.

Province: Show cost is low. Below same size, same space, satellite communications and other communication equipment photographs are compared, the capital of place bad news is little, the cost of satellite communications system does not raise along with what communication is apart from and rise, as the maturity of design and craft, cost still is being reduced.

The technology that pair of broadcast satellites say below asks:

Broadcast satellite must be dormant to the ground, so that the audience is used simple, need not dog satellite and the receving antenna with directional strong sex, this asks to use equatorial and synchronous satellite not only, still ask the satellite maintains its position on orbit and stance accurately.

Broadcast satellite must have enough effective radiate power, with simplifying the ground receives facility. In cover an area bigger, below the condition that beam influences for 2 ° , individual the transponder that receives satellitic telecast place to need projects power is hundreds of tile, collective receives what means place needs is a few tile.

Broadcast satellite must have enough long service life and reliability, sign off in order to reduce rate, avoid what satellitic place brings to often change sign off and waste. Use the component of macrobian life, high reliability, part for this requirement satellite, must install transponder of component of the backup on the star, backup, reach emissive backup satellite. Current broadcast satellite designs life to be 5 ~ 7 years.
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