The principle of phone

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Telephone communication is to pass sound energy and electric energy mutual changeover, use " report " the technology of a kind of communication that this agency will come to transmit a language. Two users should have communication, the simplest form uses two phone a pair of circuitry to join namely.

When the person that A) should send a word takes phone to speak to microphone, the oscillatory and incentive air of vocal cords is oscillatory, form sound wave.

Action of B) sound wave go up at microphone, made generation electric current, call electric current of one's voice in speech.

Electric current of C) one's voice in speech conveys along circuit inside the receiver of phone of the other side,

D) and receiver action and microphone just contrary- - sound wave of voltaic translate into, in the ear that is passed to the person through air.

Such, finished the simplest communicate process.

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